Our Friends

Collaboration is the key to success, here are our closest friends and collaborators.

Genevieve Musca is Associate Professor in Strategy Management and Organization at Universite Paris OuestNanterre La Défense, France. She is leading the DARWIN research project on leadership, team
management and decision-making in practice in unpredictable, uncertain and risky environments (www.projet-darwin.com, sponsored by France’s National Research Agency ANR). This research draws on data collected from 2009 to 2012 throughout a process approach combined with an in situ, real-time ethnographic study of an mountaineering expedition (to which Genevieve participated as a researcher) into one of the last unexplored mountains of the world, the Cordillera Darwin in Patagonia (www.unrevededarwin.com).

Lydia Bradey is a professional mountain guide, Physiotherapist, and public speaker. Lydia has guided on many of the major mountains above 8000 meters, including Everest. Lydia´s major climbing achievements include being the first woman to ascend Mount Everest without bottled oxygen, and numerous first ascents of lower peaks in non-commercial operations. Lydia also guides on lower peaks such as Mount Cook.

Chris Klinke is an 8000m Expedition Leader, Corporate Executive, and public speaker. Chris has climbed or guided on 6 of the 14 8000m peaks both on commercial expeditions and non-commercial and has just one trip to Antarctica before completing the 7 summits. He has led a large division of a financial services firm and is currently running two international companies in Boulder, Colorado between expeditions. He has shared his knowledge, skill, and experience extensively with the TripeED project since its inception, including leading a team of TripleEd researchers to Everest Base Camp and to the summit of Lobuche East

Fredrik Sträng is certified coach (ICF, NLP, ACMC), professional climber and public speaker. Fredrik´s major climbing achievements include being the first Swede to summit the seven highest summits on each of the seven continents under seven months, and climbing and summiting 8 of the fourteen mountains above 8000 meter in both non-commercial and commercial operations. Fredrik also guides on lower peaks such as Kilimanjaro. Find out more at www.strang.se

Amanda Padoan is an alpine historian, studying the role of indigenous high altitude workers who underpin Western expeditions. She co-authored Buried in the Sky: The Story of the Sherpa Climbers on K2’s Deadliest Day, an account of the 2008 K2 disaster from the perspective of the Balti, Shimshali, Sherpa and Bhote mountaineers. Amanda studied literature at Harvard University and law at Pepperdine School of Law.


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