Our Friends

Collaboration is the key to success, here are our closest friends and collaborators.

Elmar Kutsch is a Lecturer in Project and Programme management at Cranfield University, researching aspects of resilience under the influence of uncertainty. His first real exposure to the rather paradox world of uncertainty began in 1998, when he held a variety of commercial and senior management positions within the Information Technology (IT) industry. Working for one of the biggest IT service providers in Germany he was responsible for the successful delivery of a number of large projects, including major roll- out and outsourcing strategies. Clients included the Commerzbank, the Deutsche Börse (German Stock Exchange) and the Polizei Rheinland Pfalz (State Police Rheinland Pfalz). Find out more about Elmar here.

Marcus Lindahl is Head of division and professor at the Division of Industrial Engineering and Management, Uppsala University  and guest professor at Umeå School of Business and Economics, Umeå University. Lindahl’s research effort concerns organizational improvisation and dynamics of management such as honor, professional culture and praxis. Read more about Marcus here.

Virginia Rosales, Ph.D. Rosales does research on roles and organizational routines in hospital settings. She is currently doing a postdoc at HEC Montreal.

Martin Svensson, assistant professor in industrial economy and management at BTH and visiting lecturer/postdoc at USBE. At the core, his research interests concern decision making in uncertain and ambiguous contexts. He has done studies regarding the underpinnings of decision making in the emergency call center domain and of teams conducting crisis management. He has also probed the circumstances of entrepreneurial decisions and been involved in projects on how to assemble innovative teams in ambidextrous organizations.

Lydia Bradey is a professional mountain guide, Physiotherapist, and public speaker. Lydia has guided on many of the major mountains above 8000 meters, including Everest. Lydia´s major climbing achievements include being the first woman to ascend Mount Everest without bottled oxygen, and numerous first ascents of lower peaks in non-commercial operations. Lydia also guides on lower peaks such as Mount Cook.

Chris Klinke is an 8000m Expedition Leader, Corporate Executive, and public speaker. Chris has climbed or guided on 6 of the 14 8000m peaks both on commercial expeditions and non-commercial and has just one trip to Antarctica before completing the 7 summits. He has led a large division of a financial services firm and is currently running two international companies in Boulder, Colorado between expeditions. He has shared his knowledge, skill, and experience extensively with the TripeED project since its inception, including leading a team of TripleEd researchers to Everest Base Camp and to the summit of Lobuche East

Fredrik Sträng is certified coach (ICF, NLP, ACMC), professional climber and public speaker. Fredrik´s major climbing achievements include being the first Swede to summit the seven highest summits on each of the seven continents under seven months, and climbing and summiting 8 of the fourteen mountains above 8000 meter in both non-commercial and commercial operations. Fredrik also guides on lower peaks such as Kilimanjaro. Find out more at www.strang.se


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