Fall planning – Odd Friday seminar & wine; Paper bubbles!

The other day we got together to plan some of the fall activities and celebrate some achievements since last time we saw each other. It was really great to see each other after a long summer apart, and indeed nice to look forward to what we want to achieve.

Odd Friday Seminar & Wine

IMG_3105Some of the things we discussed and decided upon include re-starting the Odd Friday seminars. This time we will do it according to the Scancor @ Stanford model – Friday wine. (www.scancor.org). Every Friday the Scancor group have a seminar in the afternoon. When the seminar ends the wine bottles are opened together with some cheese to snack on. The wine and the cheese in turn are prepared by one visiting scholar at a time. The idea is to mimic this, but every second week. Moreover, the seminar is not necessarily on a draft of a paper, but may instead include a brainstorming session, data analysis, read a paper, application review etc. Thus, any activity that is associated with academic life, and that serves the purpose of helping to advance our knowledge about one of the greatest challenges of today; how to make society safer?

The schedule is as follows:

  • 15:e september – Björn
  • 29:e september – Markus
  • 13:e oktober – Robert
  • 27:e oktober – Thomas
  • 10:e november – Ola
  • 24:e november – Oscar

Paper bubbles
The second thing we did was to institute the “Paper bubbles”. Every time we get a paper associated with extreme contexts accepted we have a bottle of sparkling wine. This time we had three papers.. More to come!!!

  • FullSizeRenderLindberg, O, Rantatalo, O. & Stenling, C. (2017) Police bodies and police minds: Professional learning through bodily practices of sport participation. Studies in Continuing Education
  • Svensson, M & Hällgren, M. (2017) Sensemaking in sensory deprived settings: The role of non-verbal auditory cues in emergency assessment. European management journal. In press.
  • Lindberg, O, Rantatalo, O. & Hällgren, M. (2017) Making sense through false syntheses: Working with paradoxes in the reorganization of the Swedish police. Scandinavian Journal of management. In press.


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