First ODD seminar was arranged the other week!

Finally we are back to some kind of normality and the ODD seminars are once again arranged! The other week was however even a Odd seminar for a ODD seminar since we spent the time welcoming two new members of our small community, celebrating some achievements and planning for the spring.

The two new members are Malin Näsholm and Ulrica Nyhlén, both associate professors at the management section at the department of Business administration, USBE. They are both interested in identity work and expatriate police personnel. Ulrica have also done research on the healthcare system in Sweden. A closer presentation will follow later on…

The celebrations was concerning the recently accepted article by Robert, Oscar, Ola and Markus. It was Robert´s first so he deserved to pop the bubbles! (about the article see here)

The planning of the spring gave in hand a couple of occasions for Odd seminars, but also the coordination of activities as we have guests coming in. The two whose dates are set are professor emeritus David Buchanan at Cranfield University, and professor Daniel Geiger at Hamburg University. Both of them will give seminars based on recent work, and workshops on methods related to extreme contexts. Stay tuned, more information will follow!


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