Flying in

Sitting here at the airport in Singapore, in transit for Kathmandu. Earlier I had reports from the initial team (Andrew, Jacob and Susannah) that they made it and are getting settled in. The only problem is that only one out of seven duffels made it with the flight. Well, eventually they should get there and our research tools were anyway in the carry on. Hopefully I am luckier though.

So far the trip have been going alright. No big problems. I met the first mountaineer here in front of the gate. I nice guy from Perth, Australia that has set his goal to go to camp 4 on Everest as a preparation for a “real” summit attempt. Had a interesting conversation with him, what strikes me is that he could not say why he is climbing Everest, and that when he have done so he will go for easier and lower climbs in Europe.

Stay tuned!

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