Long-time collaborator Fredrik Sträng goes back to K2

Photo credit: Fredrik Sträng
Photo credit: Fredrik Sträng

Fredrik Sträng is a long-time collaborator of TripleED. Fredrik has helped us tremendously by providing his valuable reflections about the soul of mountaineering and what the activity itself include through intensive discussions, diaries and other things. The first contact we had was in the wake of the horrible 2008 accident on K2, and now nine years later Fredrik goes back. As he mentions in the article below, he partly goes back to “face his demons”. We wish Fredrik all the best and that he will soon come home to tell his very interesting stories.

Here is a recent story about this project http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/a/789oK/jag-maste-mota-demonerna-pa-k2

If you want to follow Fredrik´s adventures you can do it on his website www.strang.se or www.facebook.com/fredrik.strang

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