Markus spoke at TedX Umeå on the management of boredom at Everest

IMG_2572On May 3rd Markus presented some research from TripleED at TedX Umeå. It was a great experience and a well-done arrangement. The event was described as “For the fourth time, TEDxUmeå was held in the capital of Northern Sweden. As usual (since last year) with a +100 license and about 450 participants. Once again the team behind TEDxUmeå, a community that grows increasingly bigger each year, summoned a dozen speakers – from Umeå and the County of Västerbotten, as well as other parts of Sweden and Europe – eager to spread an idea they have, an obsession maybe, that truly are worth sharing.
The participants role in any TEDx-event is as important as the speakers. A good story is a story that people want to retell, and that is key for us at TEDxUmeå – to help to tell stories that become food for thought and subjects for countless numbers of dinner conversations and discussions at the work place.” (

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