Mini In Extremis Ethnography conference in Skeppsvik

For the past two days, TripleEd and guests (14 of us across the two days) have enjoyed discussing the joys and struggles of doing and publishing ethnographic research in Skeppsvik. Days filled with laughter, candid sharing, and adventure put academia in its best light.

Topics discussed include but were not limited to how to select data in a vast material, accessing settings that may be psychologically (or physically) difficult to handle without getting hurt, navigating IRBs, departmental and academic quirks, video ethnographic work, favorite papers, the challenges of developing academic illustrations, and the challenges and benefits of interdisciplinary research.

Besides great discussions, Skeppsvik HerrgĂ„rd delivered a beautiful, calm winter landscape, blue skies, and slowly falling snowflakes with great food. Activities also included proper Northern Sweden “korvgrillning” (one has to use Falukorv, without mustard or ketchup…) with milk chocolate, seeing an eagle floating across the sea, and snowmobiling (a lucky person, Markus could even take the snowmobile to work….)














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