Sending off Björn to Tibet for research on the commercialization of risk

Parts of the TripleED team sending off Björn with a indian lunch
Parts of the TripleED team sending off Björn with a indian lunch

This week has been hectic and filled with various activities related to the departure of Björn. Today (Friday) we sent him off to Tibet where he will spend two months at Cho Oyu and the North side of Mount Everest as part of the skunk-work project Commercialization of risk project that we are currently
investigating without funding. During the two months Björn will follow a expedition closely as they make their way towards the summit of both Cho Oyu and Everest, investigating the commercial practices that makes such a feat possible, and the impact that the commercialization have had historically, and currently have in the work of the guides and climbers.


Björn before taking off

Björn will be in contact with TripleED on a as continuous basis as possible, sending fieldnotes back to the research team in Sweden. That way continuous guidance can be provided and additional insights gained. Information about the trip will be continuously posted on this website.




One never walks alone… Be careful Björn!
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