Thomas and Virginia presented two papers at the PROS symposium

At the highly selective organisation studies PROS symposium Virginia and Thomas presented two papers, per the abstracts below. The papers were well received and the symposium as such very interesting.

Rosales, V. (2014) “The Interplay between Roles and Routines”. Sixth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, Rhodes, GreeceThe Interplay between Roles and Routines

ABSTRACT: Organizational routines, traditionally considered inertial components of organizations, have started to be viewed as less rigid systems due to the acknowledgment of human behavior. However, the influence of roles, in the maintenance and/or change of routines, has been largely overlooked. This study aims at exploring the interplay between actors enacting individual roles while performing organizational routines. A new perspective to routines, based on sociological role theories and the concept of role as dynamic system, is introduced. The study is operationalized through a longitudinal case study in an Emergency Department where strong professional roles and strict organizational routines are in place. Interviews and observations serve as sources of evidence to understand the phenomena. The results show that individuals uphold routines through role adaptation and role switching, making a contribution to the understanding of stability and change in organizational routines.

Biedenbach, T. & Hällgren, M. (2014) “Changing the rules of the game: The interplay between routines and capabilities on an Everest expedition”. Sixth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies, Rhodes, Greece


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