Weekly TripleED meeting: Introductions and small talk with Derin Kent and Gloria Kutscher

This week, we welcome Assistant Professor Derin Kent (Warwick University, UK) and lecturer Gloria Kutscher (Southampton University, UK) to our little TripleEd community. As we typically do, this implies a round of introductions and discussions on what everyone is up to.

Derin and Gloria will also give a talk to us and the department this Friday (see separate post).

Bios below!

Derin Kent is an assistant professor of organization studies at Warwick Business School, United Kingdom. His research explores how people work in extreme contexts, i.e., those that are physically or psychologically dangerous, drawing from and contributing to theories of sensemaking, meaning of work, and engagement. This research has been published in Organization Studies, Journal of Business Venturing, and Academy of Management Annals, and has appeared in Harvard Business Review and The Conversation. Before joining Warwick Business School, Derin was a postdoctoral researcher at Aalto University, Finland. He earned his PhD in Management at Smith School of Business, Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada.

Gloria Kutscher is a Lecturer in Organization Studies at Southampton Business School. She conducts research on how organizations and individual actors make sense of and respond to different forms of hardship in ways that lead to personal growth and positive social change. By focusing on how these actors notice, make meaning of, and respond to hardship, her research contributes to organizational theories of sensemaking, values and emotions, and institutional change. Gloria’s research has been published in outlets such as Organization Studies, Harvard Business Review and The Routledge Companion to Organizational Diversity Research Methods. Currently, Gloria is social media editor at Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal.


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