Welcome Thomas Biedenbach!

TripleED is very happy to announce that Thomas Biedenbach will join the team of dedicated researchers! He will make a great addition to the team, below you find some information about him!

Thomas Biedenbach is an Assistant Professor of Management at Umeå School of Business and Economics at Umeå University in Sweden. He holds a PhD degree from Umeå University and joins the Triple E.D. team as postdoctoral researcher. He has conducted research on capabilities facilitating innovation in the pharmaceutical R&D process, universities’ innovation support system, and effects of platform development on business models. His previous research experiences have emphasized the management of collaborative innovation in complex, uncertain and dynamic environments, which is an extreme(ly fast-moving) business environment. In addition to teaching various management courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, he has experience in teaching research methodology for business students. Find out more about Thomas here.

Welcome Thomas!

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