Collaborations and panel discussion on “Working at the ER”

IMG_0003 IMG_0002This week we have had the pleasure of having Associate professor Swaminatha Mahadevan, MD from Stanford University visiting USBE and TripleED. The week have been full of interesting and fruitful discussions about the work that is done at an ER and Dr Mahadevan have certainly provided yet another depth to our research through his incredible knowledge about emergency medicine.

As the pinnacle of the week we arranged a panel discussion where Dr Mahadevan, Dr Toralph Ruge (Umeå ER), Martin Svensson and Virginia Rosales (the two latter from TripleED) gave their perspectives on ER work to a mixed audience from the ER in Umeå and business scholars interested in the management issues that was adressed. Among other things the way ER work is organised was discussed and how emergency medicine emerged as a discipline in the US. Other topics that was covered was the interplay between roles and routines among doctors and nurses, and how there is a back- and front stage of medical decision making.

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