Workshop on experimental methods for extreme environments

This week TripleED had the pleasure to host a workshop on experimental methods for extreme environments. Besides the usual suspects of TripleED there was a group of international scholars and collaborators invited to both provide both useful comments and mini-workshops.

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We had the opportunity learn about the use of Instagram in visual methods from Professor Samantha Warren at Essex university (and guest professor at USBE). We discussed the impact and significance of photos and how the use of different filters could be used to indicate different moods and emotions in the photo. Reader Mark De Rond from Cambridge ┬áled us into a discussion about the management of the self when one is immersed in a very emotional settings. In a sense, how to handle tough situations in the long run, and the risk of betraying. Professor Linda Rouleau at HEC Montreal (and guest professor to be at USBE) had us drawing and talking about that drawing as a mean to understand what is happening in e.g. an organization. Markus took everyone walking and then “fish bowling” the results from the walking session that focused on the challenges and opportunities of doing research on extreme settings.

All in all two nice days out in Skeppsvik with good friends, good discussions and good food with a mix of weather!

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