Odd seminar on “The practice of criminal investigation”

g6FNlu3GFYyu0Cfz2C_8_K2bPuALast Friday we had another Odd Friday seminar. This time it was Markus hosting the event. The topic of the day was the paper that Oscar, Ola and Markus have put together in more or less literally the blink of an eye. It has really been a short burst of energy put into the paper and it has been a great learning experience. Some of the seminar was also devoted to talking about this process in order to pay it forward to any one interested in developing it further. Unfortunately we forgot to take any photo of the event, but even without proofs, we were really there. Discussing. Enjoying academia.

The paper? It is about the job of criminal investigators and how dependent they are on the people around them. Effectively challenging their and others common perception of the lone detective solving a tough mystery.

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