The fast paper thought experiment continues

IMG_3189A few days ago Oscar, Ola and Markus met again to continue to elaborate on the paper that  we started writing on the other week, with a mere two days to do it on. This time we did not go anywhere exotic, nor did we end up using Magic Charts (or as someone had written in some fieldnotes, magic sharts). Rather we used our trusted Post-Its, a whiteboard to visualize the process and what had to be done in a Kanban kind of way. At the end of the day some things remain but soon we have a draft that can be fine-tuned. One of the take-aways of the day was that we could use Trello to work separately and still folllow the Kanban method and thus keep track of the process. – and being able to tease each other on progress in a very VERY friendly manner.

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