Presentation by Professor Amy Fraher on “Mindfulness in Action”

Today we had the pleasure of listening to Professor Amy Fraher. It was a very big and diverse crowd with people from the Swedish Police, the police education, the department of pedagogy and Department of Business Administration, having the opportunity to learn more about how US Navy SEALs achieve reliability seeking mentality through “Mindfulness in Action”. One of the major takeaways of the paper is the finding that “The SEALs” are not “preoccupied with failure” but rather a “positive orientation towards failure”. As a comment to the paper the editor, Peter Bamberger “…beyond exposing new avenues for theorizing on mindfulness and high-reliability organizations, this paper serves as an important landmark in management research, being the first video ethnography to be published in the Academy of Management’s portfolio of journals.” The presentation can be downloaded here; the link to the paper can be found here.

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